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> Hi Hackers,
> Attached is the patch for the feature where inactive session will be
> logged out. Note that, here inactive session means no user activity of
> mouse move, click or keypress.
> I've introduced two config params:
> 1. USER_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT - Interval in seconds for the timeout. Default
> is 0-Zero which means disabled.
> 2. OVERRIDE_USER_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT - If set to true, tools like query
> tool or debugger will override USER_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT and will not allow
> the application to timeout if a query is running for a long time.
> The patch also speeds up running jasmine test cases. With webpack 4, the
> default mode is changed to production instead of development unlike
> previous versions. Mode is set to development explicitly to improve the
> speed.

Per our discussion in the office, here's the suggested wording for the
config option descriptions:

+# USER_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT is interval in Seconds. If the pgAdmin screen is
+# unattended for <USER_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT> seconds then the user will
+# be logged out. When set to 0, the timeout will be disabled.
*# If pgAdmin doesn't detect any activity in the time specified (in
seconds), the user will
+# be forcibly logged out from pgAdmin. Set to zero to disable the timeout.
+# OVERRIDE_USER_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT when set to True will override
+# USER_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT when long running queries in the Query Tool
+# or Debugger are running. When the queries complete, the inactivity timer
+# will restart in this case. If set to False, user inactivity may cause
+# or in-process debugging sessions to be aborted.

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