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> Subject: [pgadmin-hackers] Linux QueryBuilder error
> I have tracked down the QueryBuilder error, and it's not a wxWindows 
> error, per se.  The problem lies in the 
> frmQueryBuilder::OnSize() event 
> handler.  Basically, the QueryBuilder form receives the OnSize event 
> *before* the form has been created.  Here is a thread from the 
> wxWindows list, discussing a similar problem a user had with 
> a Windows 
> application:

Our situation is a bit different, because the code called by 
frmQueryBuilder::OnSize is wxWindows code, and not custom code, is the problem.  In src/generic/laywin.cpp (from 
wxWindows), the LayoutMDIFrame() function, calls the following code:

wxWindow* clientWindow = frame->GetClientWindow();

rect = event.GetRect();

clientWindow->SetSize(rect.x, rect.y, rect.width, rect.height);

Basically, frame->GetClientWindow() returns NULL, causing SetSize 
(which is a macro) to cause a segfault in DoSetSize(clientWindow, 
etc.).  The variable 'frame' is passed to LayoutMDIFrame by our code: 
frame->GetClientWindow() is indeed null as frame->m_clientWindow = 0x0.
  I am looking for a solution to the problem, but I wanted to send it to

the list in case someone could fix it faster than I could.


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