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> Sent: 25 June 2003 09:06
> Subject: [pgadmin-hackers] First version of Turkish Language file
> Hi all,
> First version of Turkish Language file is available. It's in CVS of 
> Turkish PostgreSQL Project cvs , under sourceforge. Project name is 
> pgsqlturkce 

Hi Devrim,

I found the CVS, but nothing other than PostgreSQL files in there.

Can you zip and email it please?

> Could you please build an rpm  with Turkish support? I'd like 
> to test some 
> of the translations; I'm not sure whether I've done something 
> wrong in 
> some scripts.

As soon as it's in CVS we'll add it to the various builds. I beleive you
should be able to test it yourself though, by adding the appropriate
ui/tr_TR/pgadmin3.mo file under an existing installtion of pgAdmin. The
just select the language under File -> Options

Regards, Dave.

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