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> From: Jean-Michel POURE [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Sent: 25 June 2003 12:40
> Cc: Dave Page; Andreas Pflug; Adam H. Pendleton
> Subject: SuSE 8.2 segmentation-fault
> Dear all,
> pgAdmin3 still has a segmentation-fault under SuSE 8.2 at 
> statup. If anyone is 
> interested, I can give you access to the SuSE host in 
> Germany. We do not have 
> X installed on this station. It is only for rebuilding.
> Maybe we should consider installing a SuSE 8.2 distribution 
> on a seperate 
> desk. Dave, you said you were able to run several distros at 
> once. Do you 
> also have X under SuSE 8.2?

No, *when* I get the VMs playing nicely, they will be cli only even
here, though X is there so you could

export DISPLAY=mybox.mydomain.com:0

before running the binary on the VM.
> The packages can be dowloaded from 
> http://www.pgadmin.org/snapshots/linux/suse82.
> Wait a few minutes before they are rsynced.

Hours maybe - it only does it once a day iirc.

Regards, Dave.

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