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> Sent: 25 June 2003 16:54
> Cc: Dave Page; Andreas Pflug
> Subject: Localisation strings
> Dear all,
> Here are some non-standard language entries:
> 1) src/ui/frmQueryBuilder.cpp:1044 src/ui/frmQueryBuilder.cpp:1046
>                       wxLogError(__("Double right-handed 
> joins are not allowed.\n")
>                               __("You must redraw your joins 
> so that \"") + tmptable1 +
>                               __("\"\ndoes not appear on the 
> righthand side \n")
>                               __("more than once. \n\n")
>                               __("Try switching it to the 
> lefthand side in one\n")
>                               __("or more relationships."));
> should use %s

Ahh, the QB. Please feel free to tweak these to something you are happy

> 2) src/ui/dlgProperty.cpp:89 src/ui/dlgProperty.cpp:91
> msgid ""
> ": Notebook not found.\n"
> "Prepare to crash!"
> msgstr ""
> What is a notebook?

A tabset. Actually I like this kind of error - it's nice to stick one
really humorous one in just to give ppl a chuckle. The trick is to put
it somewhere where it will get a laugh rather than get sworn at.

> 3) pgadmin3.pot file contains a deprecated string:
> Count rows if estiated less than (typo)

I fixed that typo on Windows a few days back but forgot the pot file. Do
I need to manually edit it, or regenerate it on a unix box?

Regards, Dave.

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