On Wednesday 25 June 2003 19:23, Andreas Pflug wrote:
> I got a bit deeper into this and found that things happen while global
> wxWindows vars are initialized. From wxString::AllocBeforeWrite being in
> string.h I can see that your're using an older wxWindows version, which
> is it?

It is our wxGTK 2.5 cvs 20030607 version installed from RPM.
From http://www.pgadmin.org/snapshots/linux/suse82/wxGTK2

> The latest version that is usable is June 18 (just checked), later
> versions are broken for non-win32. So please use cvs update -D
> 2003-06-18 to obtain a wx version.

Andreas, I thought the latest recommanded version was 2003-06-07.
All RPMs are based on it. Shall I upgrade them all? This can be done within 
hours if you require it.


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