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> Hi,
> Please find the attached patch to fix the below 2 bugs.
> RM 1603: [Web Based] Export database failed if object contains double
> quotes.
> RM 1220: Backup database is not working with special characters
> The issues which were fixed:
> 1. Client side data were not unescaped
> 2. Required command line arguments were quoted twice

This is not working for me: I tested using Table Export as per Fahar's
instructions. As I'm in desktop mode, the first problem was that we get an
error at line 210 of import_export/__init__.py, because
get_server_directory returned None for the directory. If I fix that, then
the job says it's created, but as far as I can see, nothing else happens.

Secondly, this patch seems to push quoting responsibilty to the front end.
This doesn't seem right, because we might want to use the RESTful APIs for
another purpose in the future, which would mean needing to re-implement
quoting if something else uses an affected API.


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