I've been trying to get pgAdmin4 to work as a web app for a couple of days.
I've finally figured out python, pip, wsgi, apache (I think). I can see
from the logs that is failing when trying to select from the version table
which I assume should be in the sqlite Db as opposed to my postgres

I've located my pgadmin4.db file and can see that has zero bytes in it.

Here is the message that appears in my apache error log when I try to
access the pgadmin4 website:

OperationalError: (sqlite3.OperationalError) no such table: version [SQL:
u'SELECT version.name AS version_name, version.value AS version_value
\\nFROM version \\nWHERE version.name = ?\\n LIMIT ? OFFSET ?']
[parameters: ('ConfigDB', 1, 0)], referer: http://dbgsdev01.nw.loc/

Any ideas how I can get this fixed?

Thanks, Derek

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