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> When creating a function(e.g.)I notice that the properties window always
> opens to a preset size rather than remembering what I changed it to. Could
> it be made to remember? There is not a lot of room to write code and I find
> I am constantly resizing the window.
> Please log a feature request at https://redmine.postgresql.

Is there a way  to get directly to a particular node, e.g. public schemas,
> in the browser tree view. It gets old having to click my way down the tree.
> A shortcut would be nice.
> Right now NO. But you can always hide the nodes as per your requirement
through File > Preferences > Nodes

> Why does the server get disconnected? Is there a timeout? Can that be
> changed?
> Please give some more details (pgAdmin 4 version, OS version, Frequency of
the disconnection etc.) about this as ideally it should not.

> When using help the Table of Contents (TOC) scrolls vertically when I
> scroll the help topic. It would be nice it it stayed in place instead. It
> would also be nice if the current topic were highlighted in the TOC.
> Bob Gailer

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