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> I also use pgAdmin4 over vpn many times but I do not face any such issue,
> I think this is environment specific issue in your case.
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With VPN I also haven't got problem. With SSL + cert + outer server I get
it in all inactive 5 minutes... :-(

My three colleauges too, but some other not.

Before I read the link I thought it's impossible to avoid, but  PGAdmin III
successfully hacked with this technique...
I search for same option in PGAdmin IV, but I don't find now.
All libpq.dll based apps suffered this behaviour - pgsql, EMS SQL Manager,
Navicat, PGAdmin III/IV.
If I could define "onconnect" extra parameters or SQL commands somewhere, I
can change the TCP keepalive to lower, and the limitations would vanish...


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