On 2018-02-22 2:10 AM, Khushboo Vashi wrote:
On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 11:01 AM, Darren Duncan wrote:

    As for where all that bloat is going, I took a minute of digging and found
    something interesting.

    /Volumes/pgAdmin\ 4/pgAdmin\

    This one, single, "invisible" .cache directory in the application bundle is
    about 300MB by itself, or half of the total .app size.

    I suspect this is the most egregious thing, assuming that folder only is
    either needed at development or packaging time or can be generated by
    PgAdmin at runtime.

The pgAdmin 4 uses webpack hardSourceWebpackPlugin which caches the optimised javascripts in the .cache directory, and those will be used from the .cache directory during rebundling of webpack module, so that only the changed files will be processed on the next build in the development environment, and rest of the files are being picked up from the cached directory which makes the rebundling fast. But this is only helpful in the development environment, so the patch to fix this already sent to the pgadmin-hackers (Patch: https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/CAFOhELfmrfwqBf9dpYkJJOoKFdLi%2BictCEeBthdxBDNp_mqP-g%40mail.gmail.com).

Thank you for that.

So I ultimately hope this will result in new DMGs etc being published in the downloads directory that apply this packaging change for all affected pgAdmin versions, and not just the next upcoming one, since the older versions are still made available.

-- Darren Duncan

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