Thanks Khushboo for your kind response.

I followed your advice and added some feature requests in the project tracking 

Looking forward next releases. Congratulations to all the team.

César Arriaga

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Asunto: Re: Usability improvements for PgAmin4

Hi César,

On Sun, Mar 18, 2018 at 6:18 PM, César Arriaga Egüés 
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Dear friends at Pgadmin developer team:

First of all I would like to thank very much you your commitment and effort in 
developing such usable and professional tools like PgAdmin.

But also I want to make you know that in my opinion PgAdmin4 has lose in 
usability and performance respect to PgAdmin III, where I was used to access 
the information in a more rapid way (with the same hardware). Of course I’m 
sure that PgAdmin4 has a lot of advantages regarding to his new architecture: 
maintainability, multi-platform, etc., that they will contribute to the future 
of this tool.

Regarding to usability: it is difficult for me to explain all the worse user 
experience situations but I must say that in a whole the user experience is 

That is the reason for not having adopted yet PgAdmin4 in my daily work (after 
some test drives) and why I’ve been using PgAdmin3 until today.

But that is going to an end: I am started to use PostgreSQL 10 and PgAdmin III 
issues to many compatibility errors… In other words: I am now forced to rid of 
PgAdmin III and search for other alternatives.

Issues to point (I enclose the reference to a previous thread regarding some of 

  *   Performance:
     *   Starting the application.
     *   SQL Pane: time to refresh the SQL corresponding to a DB object.

As per your comments, I think you are using pgAdmin 4 in Desktop runtime mode.
The new version of pgAdmin 4 is going to release soon, with this release you 
will find the better performance.

  *   Query tool:
     *   Lack of status bar: this functionality was very, very, very useful. 
Not only for Line, column position, also for the last returned information 
(query result time). Need of a fixed area for this kind of information.

You can add the feature request @

     *   Query info notifier: related to the previous. I strongly discourage 
you to use such kind of “moving” UI artifacts. Things that appear and disappear 
could be nice and fancy for some users but also annoying and focus losing:
        *   If you configure it to disappear: you want have the info. when you 
need it unless you click (another click) the message history.

We have already added configurable keyboard shortcuts for the common 
functionalities, so one can navigate through keyboard easily. You will have 
this feature in the next release.

        *   When the notifier disappears: distraction, focus lose. We are 
information users, needed of concentration, focus…

The feature request to add an option to disable the notification animation has 
been already added @ and that is on 

        *   If you configure it to not disappear: you will get a stack of 
messages that you will have to hide manually (each one)…
     *   Thanks god (and you) that you can configure to show Query tool in a 
new Browser window (detachable from the main window indeed), but:
        *   It would be also useful to be able to configure these new windows 
would be detached when they are created.
        *   Ctrl++, Ctrl+-, don’t work in detached Query Tool windows. I 
suppose this can be amended.

This issue will be fixed in the next release.

  *   Backup and restore feedback: the same problems stated due to the use of 
“notifier toasts”.

Related conversation:

Thanks again for your work. Looking forward to see these and new improvements 
in incoming versions.

César Arriaga


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