We have a user that is working with postgres and greenplum and they said
that pgadmin4 only allows one Kerberos Server Principal per pgAdmin
instance because it takes the value of the environment variable
PGKRBSRVNAME. Kerberos Server Principal value is the name of the user
running Greenplum or Postgres database.

The user is trying to connect to multiple databases and they have different
user names in the installation like gpadmin. pgqa pgprod, etc. So they can
not connect to both from one PGADMIN because the environment variable would
need to be reset when starting pgadmin.

Is there a work around or is it possible that PGADMIN4 can be enhanced so
that a field is added for Kerberos Server Principal name into the
connection configuration form. The value of the field could be set to the
connection property krbsrvname.

Proposed change would allow to connect to multiple instance running under
different userids from the same pgAdmin instance.

Thanks for your feedback on the best way to move forward.

Ivan Novick
Pivotal Greenplum Product Lead

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