On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 4:38 AM, Oscar <oscar.s...@yves-rocher.se> wrote:

> Thank you for the big job you have put in to PGAdmin 4. I'v already
> experienced big improvements in stability compared to PGAdmin 3.
> I'm however missing, or just unable to find, the "Server status" that was
> accessed under Tools in 3. Parts of it is in the dashboard but not with the
> same good oveview with Query start, locked by and SQL code. This overview
> is
> very helpful in case of problems with slow responsetimes for end users.
> Is it planned for a coming release?
> BR
> Oscar
When a server is selected, look at the "Statistics" tab. That has more
info, but is missing a few things.
One of my core uses of pgAdmin was the auto-updating color-coded view of
the Backends, as you mention, AND the ability to kill queries and backends.
I'm curious to hear some feedback on this as well.


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