I'm using pgAdmin 4 version 1.0 (release) on Apple Mac, Macos 10.12 (sierra).

I have used the 'view data' of the last 100 rows, and have the Query pane with the Data Output sub-pane showing.

I double-click on a column / row instance, and up comes a dialog box. I remove the value that's shown, and hit 'save', then, click on the 'save' icon at the top of the query pane in order to persist the change.

in this case, the column happens to be a timestamp, with nulls allowed.

the complaint shows up indicating that it appears to be trying to set the value to be an empty string rather than a null.

how is this done please?

Of course, I know how to do this using sql, but, shouldn't I be able to do this via the graphical gui too?

thank you!


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