Running pgAdmin 4 V 1.0 against PostGres 9.6.0
OS: Windows 7 Pro x64

How to reproduce:

Start up pgAdmin4
Connect to your local server.
Right-click on "Databases" and select "Create \ Database ..."
The "Create - Database" dialog comes up.
Enter "Test" as the database name and hit Save.
The database is created.

Navigate to "Test\Schemas\public\Tables"
Right-click on "Tables" and select "Create\Table"
The "Create - Table" dialog comes up.
Enter "TestTable" as the table name and hit Save.
The table is created.

Right-click on database "Test" and select "Query Tool"
In the query window enter:

   ALTER TABLE "TestTable"
   ADD COLUMN "A" text;

Hit F5.
The "Messages" section contains:


  Query returned successfully in 145 msec.

Right-click on "Test\Schemas\public\Tables\TestTable\Columns" and select 
Column "A" has not been added.

If you restart pgAdmin the column is still not there.

Many Thanks,

Adam Benson

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