Kshirsagar, Swanand wrote:
> I am using Postgres version 8.3.17 on one of my database server. I
have received a .sql dump file from
> my client. Which is supposed to be taken from a Postgres 8.3.7 db.
Now, I have created an empty
> database and I am trying to restore the .sql file with command psql
command. After few GBs of
> restoration, I am getting an error -
> ERROR:  invalid input syntax for type timestamp: ""
> CONTEXT:  COPY job_step_history, line 16211941, column start_time: ""
> I tried printing this line no - 16211941 from the .sql dump file with
command - sed -n "16211941 p"
> <filename.sql> . The row has values -
> 17338525        1       309     6       205636  2009-09-04
22:02:46.199 1       2009-09-04
> 22:02:46.198 1       \N
> What can be the possible cause for this error? Please help.

The table definition plays an important role in this.

Could you produce a copy of the SQL file and delete everything except
for the
table in question and delete all but a few COPY input rows that
the problem?  Send that as an attachment, then maybe we can see why it

Laurenz Albe

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