PostgreSQL conferenceChina 2011 will be hold in July 15-16 in Guangzhou,

Though PostgreSQL is enterprise-ready for a long time and the user
communities around the world are growing, but there is no formal user group
in China, the users is difficult to get support, books and technical
material is not sufficient. This conference is an effort to help the users
in China to deploy PostgreSQL with less pain, and try to cultivate a
PostgreSQL user community in China.

The conference covers topics related to PostgreSQL:

  * Ways in which PostgreSQL is used

  * Case studies

  * Performance tuning, database monitoring, disaster recovery

  * PostgreSQL HA and clustering solutions

  * PostGis

  * DWH systems based on PostgreSQL

  * hacking PostgreSQL code

  * Migration of production systems from another database

  * Data processing new technologies(Hadoop, NoSQL etc. )

  * PostgreSQL 9.1 and 9.2 features in development

Please join us to make this Conference as a milestone PostgreSQL conference
in China!

This conference is organized by Galy Lee(galylee((at)gmail(dot)com), if you
have any question, please contact him .

For detail please refer to the conference page:

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