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> Alexander Korotkov <a.korot...@postgrespro.ru> writes:
> > There is also patch for valgrind error in CheckIndexCompatible().
> > It appears that this function didn't initialize ii_NumIndexAttrs and
> > ii_NumIndexKeyAttrs before calling ComputeIndexAttrs().  This
> > variables weren't used before, but now they're used to determine
> > whether index column is key.  Also, this patch makes ComputeIndexAttrs()
> > initialize classOidP elements with InvalidOid for non-key attributes.
> You didn't test this quite enough, because when I tried it I got a batch
> of warnings about memory chunk inconsistencies.  The reason was that
> DefineIndex only allocated a classObjectId array large enough for the
> key columns, so that the change in ComputeIndexAttrs made it write past
> the end of that array.

Sorry, my bad.

But I think it's a good idea to make those output
> arrays all the same length, so I kept that change and changed DefineIndex.
> Pushed; I've not checked to see if this makes valgrind happy, but
> the buildfarm will tell us.

Thank you!

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