Daniel Westermann <daniel.westerm...@dbi-services.com> writes:
> Is there an agreement not to include that pictures for any reason?

This has been discussed repeatedly (see the archives).  We'd surely
like the ability to include figures, but we've not found any tools that
met the varying requirements people wanted to set --- mainly, that it
be possible to commit readable source text for figures into our git
repo and have updates that were reviewable (ie, didn't amount to a 100%
replacement of one set of gibberish with another one).  In the distant
past, as I recall, we had a GIF or two; but we abandoned that on the
grounds that it was unmaintainable and also incompatible with some
documentation output formats.  I'm not too sure what the state of
play is on the latter point, now that we've switched to XML.

                        regards, tom lane

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