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> That got me wondering... why does the Apple xsltproc in /usr/bin work
> then?  Where is it even getting docbook-xsl from?  I ran it with
> --profile and http://docbook.sourceforge.net instead of file:// URLs,
> and I could see outgoing connections with netstat.  It believe that's
> because it doesn't find it locally in /etc/xml/catalog, whereas the
> MacPorts xsltproc looks in /opt/locl/etc/xml/catalog where it has been
> listed by the docbook-xsl package.
> So one solution is simply to uninstall the docbook-xsl package.  That
> gets me back to fast documentation builds!

For me, the documentation build fails without docbook-xsl.  I wonder
why it works for you.

It also fails for me if I follow the instructions in the documentation:

    If you use MacPorts, the following will get you set up:
sudo port install docbook-xml-4.2 docbook-xsl fop

I have to also 'port install libxslt'.  Otherwise, /usr/bin/xsltproc
is used, and it won't use files installed by MacPorts packages.

And then it takes, like you reported originally, an insanely long time.

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