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> The documentation for the numeric/decimal type does not say that the
> precision parameter can be specified without specifying a scale, e.g.
> numeric(10) is valid.

Where are you looking exactly?  What I see under 8.1.2 is

    Both the maximum precision and the maximum scale of a numeric column
    can be configured. To declare a column of type numeric use the syntax:
        NUMERIC(precision, scale)

    The precision must be positive, the scale zero or
    positive. Alternatively:

    selects a scale of 0. Specifying:

    without any precision or scale creates a column in which numeric
    values of any precision and scale can be stored, up to the
    implementation limit on precision. A column of this kind will not
    coerce input values to any particular scale, whereas numeric columns
    with a declared scale will coerce input values to that scale. (The SQL
    standard requires a default scale of 0, i.e., coercion to integer
    precision. We find this a bit useless. If you're concerned about
    portability, always specify the precision and scale explicitly.)

                        regards, tom lane

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