Dear Team,

We are facing issue whenever application is connecting to pgpool 4th Node.

We have 4 Applications and 4 pgpool nodes, at any point of time Application can 
able to connect only 3 pgpool nodes, when we are starting application services 
on 4 pgpool node we are getting below error messages on application logs and 
also psql command on pgpool is getting hanged..

Application Logs:

APPARENT DEADLOCK!!! Complete Status:
                Managed Threads: 3
                Active Threads: 3

APPARENT  DEADLOCK!!! Creating emergency threads for unassigned pending tasks !
[Timer-0] [WARN] [async.ThreadPoolAsynchronousRunner] – (in deadlocked 
PoolThread) failed to complete in maximum time 6000ms. Trying interrupt().

Thanks and Best Regards,

Moin Akther

PostgreSQL DBA


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