* Laurenz Albe ( wrote:
> I revently tried to upgrade a standby following the documentation,
> but I found it hard to understand, and it took me several tries to
> get it right.  This is of course owing to my lack of expertise with
> rsync, but I think the documentation and examples could be clearer.
> I think it would be a good idea to recommend the --relative option
> of rsync.
> Here is a patch that does that, as well as update the versions in
> the code samples to something more recent.  Also, I think it makes
> sense to place the data directory in the sample in /var/lib/postgresql,
> which is similar to what many people will have in real life.

Haven't had a chance to look at this in depth but improving things here
would be good.

An additional thing that we should really be mentioning is to tell
people to go in and TRUNCATE all of their UNLOGGED tables before going
through this process, otherwise the rsync will end up spending a bunch
of time copying the files for UNLOGGED relations which you really don't



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