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I tried following the instructions on chapter 17 about the "Installation
From Source Code on Windows" but they seem a bit confusing at practice when
having to work with other extensions. It is written that it can be built
using MinGW, which uses the normal build system, so it appears to be a safer
method. Then the documentation tells us to move to chapter 16.7.5.
MinGW/Native Windows. There, the documentation tells us to use MSYS which
has a collection of Unix tools required to run shell scripts. But when I
tried using an extension like Apache AGE, when I ran the "make" command
under the apache age directory as " make
PG_CONFIG=~/pgsql-11.17/bin/pg_config.exe install " it showed an error
message about conflicting variable declarations (redeclaration of variables
in different files). These files where both under the "
POSTGR~1.17/include/server " and " msys64/mingw64/include " and the error
was with the 'DECIMAL' variable (it was declared as a struct in one file but
integer in another). To resolve this issue, I installed the Terminal app in
the Microsoft Store and used the Ubuntu terminal. There the Short Version
installation worked without errors with the Apache AGE extension
installation. So, it would be nice to include an "Install Terminal app"
option in the documentation, since this way is very easy to follow.

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