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> The following documentation comment has been logged on the website:
> Page: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/14/functions-json.html
> Description:
> The description of the "jsonb ? text" operator in table 9.45 specifies its
> behavior when the jsonb value is an object or an array, but not when it is
> a
> string, number, or the null JSON object. One of the examples in 8.14.3
> says,
> in a comment, "A string is considered to exist if it matches a primitive
> JSON string". I think the behavior of the operator on each JSON primitive
> type should be spelled out in prose somewhere.

I suppose we shouldn't imply it doesn't work on non-containers since it
obviously does.  And by fixing that omission state clearly that on a
non-container existence and containment are equivalent and based upon

David J.

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