Hi all.
Back in 2008 I asked this 
The solution was (and still is) this:
select confrelid::regclass, af.attname as fcol, conrelid::regclass, a.attname 
ascol from pg_attribute af, pg_attribute a, (select conrelid,confrelid,conkey[i]
asconkey, confkey[i] as confkey from (select conrelid,confrelid,conkey,confkey, 
generate_series(1,array_upper(conkey,1)) as i from pg_constraint where contype =
'f') ss) ss2 where af.attnum = confkey and af.attrelid = confrelid and a.attnum 
= conkeyand a.attrelid = conrelid AND confrelid::regclass = 'onp_user'::
regclass ANDaf.attname = 'id' 
(it lists all columns in all tables referencing the onp_user.id column)
I wonder, is this now possible using information_schema only, or are there 
still pieces missing in the standard holding this back?
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