On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 6:33 PM, Steven Hirsch <> wrote:
> Ah, blast...  Apologies to everyone concerned.  I need to understand why my
> mail reader (Alpine on Linux) insists on defaulting to the original poster's
> e-mail address when I hit 'Reply' rather than the group list. It's not doing
> that with any other mail list I subscribe to.

It's probably because this list headers are "old school", without
those newflangled thingied.

It defaults to the sender for mine, and for nearly everyone else, too.
We are just used to hit reply-all.

> I was trying to be careful and changed the address manually for all messages
> except this one.

Do not bother with that. The style in this list is to just reply to
all, so the people that are participating in the thread can get a copy
of the messages in both their inbox and the list folder when
filtering. In fact I told gmail to skip inbox for the list, as I read
it fully normally, but if I hadn't do that and there was a traffic
spike it would be easier for me to first answer the threads Iwas
involved in and then reading the rest. In fact traffic is not that
high, and I do reply to the messages which show "me" in the gmail list
first, then the rest.

Francisco Olarte.

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