chiru r wrote:
> I am trying to install and configure the oracle_fdw on PostgreSQL DB servers.
> What we are trying is, inorder to install (make, make install) oracle_fdw on 
> all DB servers,we want to compile on one server and want build a package/tar 
> file to copy the library files and required SQL scripts into all other 
> servers.
> So that it will reduce the installation efforts.
> can we copy the file into "<directory>/9.5/lib/postgresql"
> And  oracle_fdw.control,oracle_fdw--1.1.sql and oracle_fdw--1.0--1.1.sql 
> files into "<directory>/9.5/share/postgresql/extension" directory.
> Is this the right approach?
> Is there any process to create re-locatable binary files for oracle_fdw?

As long as you have the same version of the same operating system on
all machines and all required software is installed in the same versions,
it should be no problem to build it on one machine and install it on the others.

The process you describe looks right; just make sure the files end up in the
same directories where "make install" installs them on the build machine.

I am not quite sure what you mean with a "relocatable binary file".

Laurenz Albe

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