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> Hi folks!!
> I have a problem with a serial data type and partitioned table, I used
> rules
> to insert in child tables. But the problem is that the some does'nt insert
> and the sequence value jump sometimes 3 in 3 or 10 in 10.

Do not know what you mean by 'n in n'

> The example is the next:
> Don't see an example...

> I don't understand why sequence jumps in this case 4 in 4. And how to avoid
> this? I really can't change the use serial data type and how generate the
> id, because I don't developed the app.
> If I use triggers this don't happen?
Without more details it's hard to say but if you need hapless sequences
aren't the answer.  There are many reasons committed values could contain
gaps. Or in this case avoid requiring it to be when using it.

David J.

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