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> pgpool does just that: it enables you to use the standby database as a
> read only while other queries are sent to the primary database only (
> http://www.pgpool.net/). Good product and good support (on the list°
> This looks a very interesting possibility, although it is more related to
> automated failover than to load balancing of read only queries :
> http://paquier.xyz/postgresql-2/postgres-10-libpq-read-write/, depending
> on your client it might be supported. It is not supported - yet ? - by the
> node-postgres driver.
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> Pierre
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> Hi,
> I am also trying to split read and write queries, where reads should go to
> the slave server (streaming replication) and writes to the master server.
> Any tool available to perform this activity instead of two connection pool?
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*Actually, if you are looking for load balancing PgBouncer is better than
PgPool. There is a nice article about

*I used PgBouncer in a few of ny previous positions and found it to be very
fast and efficient.*

*Melvin Davidson*
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