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>>> mount | grep /dev/shm
>>> => shm on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,size=65536k)
>> Bingo.  Somehow your container tech is limiting shared memory.
> If this is a common setup, maybe we're going to need a new section
> under or near
> https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/static/kernel-resources.html#SYSVIPC
> It's pretty annoying to have sweated blood to get out from under the
> kernel's chosen-at-random SysV IPC limits, only to run into container
> tmpfs limits that seem equally chosen with the aid of a dartboard.

I ran into another couple of cases like this in the wild, and judging
by the popularity of Docker, I expect it to come up more with Parallel
Hash (and any future memory-gobbling parallel things... parallel
sorting, parallel repartitioning, ...) and with the increase in node
counts that partitioning can produce.  Here's an example of a public
discussion about this:


I don't know too much about Docker myself but I see from the
documentation that it defaults to imposing no limited on regular
memory[1], but it always imposes a limit on /dev/shm[2].

It's actually quite hard to make a recommendation for --shm-size.  As
discussed elsewhere[3],  our executor node-based work_mem management
means that the peak space usage depends on the number of concurrent
queries * number of executor nodes * number of parallel processes
allowed * work_mem.  It's just the same for regular memory, but in
that case the Docker administrator doesn't have to set a separate
fixed limit -- it's just whatever the operating system will take.  To
achieve the same behaviour for DSM memory, I think you either need to
set --shm-size sky high or side-step the issue by mounting the host's
unlimited /dev/shm in the container (a trick I saw mentioned
elsewhere, not sure if it's a good idea).

Anyway, it'd be good to hear from Docker/PostgreSQL users or experts.
Do we need to write some documentation here?

[1] https://docs.docker.com/config/containers/resource_constraints/

Thomas Munro

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