Hi Gary,

On 3/2/18 2:05 PM, Gary M wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an unusual requirement for schema based, live backup of a 24/7
> database processing 100K inserts/updates per hour. The data store is
> around 100TB.
> The requirement is supporting an incremental backup of 10 minute
> windows.  Replication is not considered backup from malicious action.
> Are there any best practices or solutions that can meet these
> requirements ? 
pgBackRest is specifically designed to handle very large clusters and
high WAL rates.  Backup, restore, and archiving can be run in parallel
to speed operations.  The new version 2 has been optimized to make
archive-push even faster than version 1 and we will be releasing an
optimized archive-get soon.

You would be best off achieving your 10-minute windows with daily
incremental backups and then recovery with PITR to the required time.
PITR allows you to specify any time for recovery.


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