Scott Frazer wrote:
> Hi, we have a Postgres 9.6 setup using replication that has recently started 
> seeing a lot of processes stuck in
> "SubtransControlLock" as a wait_event on the read-replicas. Like this, only 
> usually about 300-800 of them:
>  179706 | LWLockNamed     | SubtransControlLock
>  186602 | LWLockNamed     | SubtransControlLock
>  186606 | LWLockNamed     | SubtransControlLock
>  180947 | LWLockNamed     | SubtransControlLock
>  186621 | LWLockNamed     | SubtransControlLock
> The server then begins to crawl, with some queries just never finishing until 
> I finally shut the server down.
> Searching for that particular combo of wait_event_type and wait_event only 
> seems to turn up the page
> about statistics collection, but no helpful information on troubleshooting 
> this lock.
> Restarting the replica server clears the locks and allows us to start working 
> again, but it's happened
> twice now in 12 hours and I'm worried it will happen again.
> Does anyone have any advice on where to start looking?

I don't think there is any connection to statistics collection.

This lock is used when subtransactions (SAVEPOINTs in SQL or EXCEPTION blocks
in PL/pgSQL) are created, read or removed.

This sounds like a PostgreSQL bug.

What is the exact PostgreSQL version you are running?

It would be cool if you could get a stack trace from the backend that is 
holding the lock.

Laurenz Albe

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