2018-03-07 16:01 GMT-03:00 PegoraroF10 <mar...@f10.com.br>:
> We have several servers, our masters, installed on several cities. Then we
> need have a centralized database (our standby) where we can do our
> So, usual way of doing postgres replication is creating a
> replication/subscription process.


> But then that master server should be reachable and sometimes it´s not,
> because their IP changed or because we need to configure its router to get
> Postgres server properly.
> Finally my question, there is a way to pull data which needs to be
> replicated from master to slave.

The way is fix your network connection and if necessary change your
subscription side do connect again in your server and continue pulling data.

If you don't drop your publication it will retain the WAL until the
subscription connect again and pull data.


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