Hi all,

Our client noticed a problem which occurred so far twice, but might be having 
quite significant impact on our application processing in production: 
ResStatus: PGRES_FATAL_ERROR transaction. ErrorMessage: ERROR: cached plan must 
not change result type.

Reading through the documentation problem is quite understood on our side, 
while most probably caused by our implementation of Virtual Partitioning on 
postgresql, by triggering database schema update through the application 
upgrade procedure or simply by altering one of the tables manually - so far so 

Now, our developers came with a solution where we check return value from 
PQresultStatus(x) for PGRES_FATAL_ERROR and then if the error message from 
PQresultErrorMessage(x) contains "cached plan must not change result type" we 
delete statement and prepare it again.

I would like to ask, would you see this solution in general as fine, or is 
there any better way to achieve this? I particularly dislike the part when we 
are trying matching return string on "cached plan must not change result type" 
as error messages might change (e.g. situations using different locales), is 
there any way how to get around this e.g. with enumerator?

Thank you,

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