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    The search_path configuration works only for queries.



"​A CREATE command specifying an unqualified object name creates the object in the 
current schema (the one at the front of the search path, which can be determined with the 
function current_schema)"

In pg_dump relies heavily on search_path for all CREATE statements.

    For example:
    Is there a way to run the create/insert statements below without prefixing 
the schema name, user1?​

    As the user, user1:
    Create table user1.table1 (id int);
    Insert into user1.table1 values (1);

​Just omitting "user1" and seeing what happens would be informative.  You should find it 
does exactly what you think - namely because the default search_path will cause "user1" 
to appear first.

Insert is more similar to Select than it is to Create - the object being 
inserted into must already exist

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