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Thanks Adrian,

Really appreciate the suggestions.

The objective when trying to solve this for the Apartment library itself is to keep it generic (works for any/all database objects - tables, views, stored procedures, 3rd party extension objects, etc.) & to require minimal configuration (preferably not having to tell the library your schema).

I believe pg_dump was the only way to satisfy the second point.  The reason we'd want to infer the create statements via pg_dump is, so we don't need to keep database migration files in sync with a 'create new schema' SQL script.  It adds risk that they get out of sync, causing inconsistencies in new schemas created by the library.

Seems to me your best hope is to make a plea on --hackers for a flag that turns off schema qualification of object names.

Assuming there's no other way to infer the create statements from the public schema, Ruby on Rails' structure.sql could probably be used as a starting point for the 'create new schema' SQL file.  It's similar already, however it's also generated via pg_dump (having the same issues as Apartment library). http://guides.rubyonrails.org/v3.2.9/migrations.html#types-of-schema-dumps This is outside the realms of this mail group though.



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