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> On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 10:00 AM, Aldrin Martoq Ahumada 
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> Yes, here is the issue: https://github.com/influitive/apartment/issues/532 
> <https://github.com/influitive/apartment/issues/532>
> It happens if you configured apartment with use_sql=true, which means it 
> clones the schema from pg_dump. My first attempt was to “fix” the script 
> generated by pg_dump, but I feel it will be a mess. We solved our issue going 
> back to use_sql=false, which is the default (creates the schema from 
> db/schema.rb). But there is people that have other requirements, like 
> functions, so the easier way for them is to keep use_sql and replace strings 
> in the script.
>  >...how could be the best way to clone a schema into another?
>  The safest way is to use pgdump -F p -n <the_schema_name> > schema.sql
>  Then edit schema.sql and change all references to old_schema name to 
> new_schema name.
>  Finally, use psql < schema.sql to create the new_schema.
>  That being said, a year ago I optimized a function originally written by 
> Emanuel '3manuek'
>  called clone_schema, which is added to the public schema. It clones all 
> sequences, tables, 
>  indexes, rules, triggers, data(optional), views & functions from any 
> existing schema to a 
>  new  schema
>  SELECT clone_schema('public', 'new_schema', TRUE);
>  I've attached it for your convenience.
>  disclaimer: I do not accept any responsibility for any unknow bugs in the 
> function. 
>  Test first and use at your own risk.

Thank you Melvin, I forgot to mention I've already found your script before I 
asked here, but I didn’t think it was robust enough (please don't offend :-). 
Particularly, it didn't work well on PostgreSQL 10.

I think the solution for the long term is to add a flag to pg_dump, but in the 
short/mid term we’ll have to replicate some form of your script into the gem.


PS: I’ve added initial support for PostgreSQL 10 to clone_schema here, but I 
have no time to test it well:

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