Hi David!  Thanks for the reply.

> tableoid might be an exception to
> this, but it does not really seem like a useful column to index,
> giving it would be indexing the same value for each record in the
> table.

Unless you're using inheritance - then tableoid may vary.  That's the case
I'm interested in.

> -- get all animals that are persons
> select ... from animal where tableoid in (select
> get_inherited_tables('person'::regclass);
> -- get all animals that are not persons
> select ... from animal where tableoid not in (select
> get_inherited_tables('person'::regclass);
That's a great idea.  I'll try it!

> Just be careful around search_paths and your use of regclass. In this
> case, if "animal" was not in the first schema in search_path, but
> someone created another table called "person" that was in the first
> schema listed in search_path, then the query would not do what you
> want. You might want to consider prefixing the input parameter into
> get_inherited_tables with the schema name too.

Good point.

Thanks again!

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