On 04/06/2018 02:09 AM, Alexandre Arruda wrote:
> Hi,
> Some time ago, I had this errors frequently showed in logs after some
> autovacuum in some tables(pg 9.6). VACUUM FULL or CLUSTER in this tables
> show the same and not complete the tasks (showed by some table bloat
> select).
> Then, I did a full dump/restore into a new version (10.2) and everything
> is ok for a couple of months. Now, I have errors like this again:
> db1=# cluster pc44t;
> ERROR:  found multixact 134100944 from before relminmxid 192042633
> Like before, the only way to make the errors to desapear is by
> dump/reload the whole table.
> Thanks for any help.

That's going to be hard, unless you still have the cluster around.

This surely seems like some sort of data corruption issue, but without
being able to inspect the data pages it's nearly impossible to determine
what went wrong.

We'd also need more information about what happened to the hardware and
cluster before the issues started to appear - crashes, hardware issues.
And so on.


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