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I face a surprising behaviour with VACUUM ANALYZE.

For a table with a structure like like this (and few records):
create table my_table (
     my_column numeric

When I run the following:
SELECT relname, last_analyze, last_vacuum FROM pg_stat_all_tables where relname='my_table';

The select returns null values for last_analyze and last_vacuum.

However if I wait a little between the end of VACUUM command and the execution of the select the last_xxx columns have non null values.

So it looks like something is done asynchronously here but I'm not sure what?


28.2.2. Viewing Statistics

"When using the statistics to monitor collected data, it is important to realize that the information does not update instantaneously. Each individual server process transmits new statistical counts to the collector just before going idle; so a query or transaction still in progress does not affect the displayed totals. Also, the collector itself emits a new report at most once per PGSTAT_STAT_INTERVAL milliseconds (500 ms unless altered while building the server). So the displayed information lags behind actual activity. However, current-query information collected by track_activities is always up-to-date.

* Is it the vacuum itself that run asyncrhonously or the update of or the content of the pg_stat_all_tables view? * If I execute another query right after "VACUUM ANALYZE" is it expected that this other query will benefit from the analyze done in the VACUUM ANALYZE call?
* Is this a bug or a normal behaviour? (I'm using postgresql 9.6)
* Is there a way to wait for pg_stat_all_tables to be up to date? To give a bit of context I was planning to use this information in the assertion part of a test case I wrote to check vacuum were executed as expected but my test is flaky because of this behaviour.


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