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I think there is a misunderstood here.

I think that I quite understand how is the second query run.

The question I asked here is why exporting data, which is generated by a query "JSON_AGG" , with command "COPY". The data contain "\n" as 2 characters instead of "new line" character.


File Formats
Text Format

\n      Newline (ASCII 10)

Presently, COPY TO will never emit an octal or hex-digits backslash sequence, but it does use the other sequences listed above for those control characters.


COPY TO will terminate each row with a Unix-style newline (“\n”).

The second query is for the old version of PostgreSQL (9.3 and previous) cause of they don't have JSON_AGG aggregate function. Since 9.4, we have "JSON_AGG" already. So I want to rewrite and reduce the length of the query. But it is don't work as I expected with command COPY.

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