On 3/15/18 09:19, bricklen wrote:
>     How does one monitor the status or progress of an initial sync under
>     logical replication?  For example:
>     * I create a publication in database db_pub
>     * I create a subscription in database db_sub
>     * In 15 minutes I want to check an see that the initial sync is N%
>     complete
>     Is it possible to tell when the initial sync is complete, or better
>     yet, how complete it is?
> ​This is a question I'm quite interested in as well (and one I do not
> have an answer to).​
> ​Does anyone with more familiarity ​with logical replication have any
> suggestions on how to determine the status of the initial sync?

Something like

select * from pg_subscription_rel where srsubstate <> 'r' and srsubid =
(select oid from pg_subscription where subname = 'mysub');

The key is checking the srsubstate column for 'r' (ready).

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