Raghavendra Rao J S V wrote:
> We are using postgres 9.2  version on Centos operating system. 

That's no good, 9.2 is out of support.
Use v10 or at least 9.6.

> Total ram available is 80GB . At present we don't have any connection pool 
> mechanisiam.  Max number of  connections are allowed is 1000. 

That's not good either. Use a connection pool.

> Could you please suggest the best values for the below configuration 
> parameters?
> shared_buffers 

4 or 8 GB

> effective_cache_size 

80 GB minus what the OS and other applications need.

> work_mem 

Depends on your queries. With max_connections absurdly high as 1000, no more 
than 50MB.

> maintenance_work_mem 


> checkpoint_segments 

Depends on your workload.

> wal_keep_segments 

0  (unless you need replication and have nothing better)

> checkpoint_completion_target 


> Max_prepared_transactions =0  

0  (unless you need distributed transactions)

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