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> Right now I'm thinking of falling back to the far-less-elegant method of
> dumping the data to a flat file via COPY, running psql to connect to the
> archive DB remotely and running a COPY to load the data (or maybe
> transferring the flat file to the archive DB to load it there, offloading
> that part of the workload), then deleting the data from the main DB. I
> could capture the rows dumped in a control table and compare the rows
> deleted against that and then rollback the delete if necessary.

‚ÄčThis is what I would lean toward - with a data compression/decompression
step surrounding the network transfer.

Not sure exactly how it might fit in but don't forget about "DELETE FROM
... RETURNING *" and being able to place that into a CTE/WITH clause (same
goes for insert/update)

David J.

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