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2018-04-12 1:49 GMT+02:00 Jonathan Leroy - Inikup <jonat...@inikup.com>:
Maybe I will try to "dissect" pg_wrapper to find where the error
occurs, but the script is quite complex...

OK, I've found the issue : pg_wrapper is trying to get the value of
the "data_directory" setting by reading the postgresql.conf file.
However, my user can't access the postgresql.conf file.

So I've bootstrapped a fresh Debian 8 VM with just postgresql-9.6, and
compared files permissions between that VM and my production servers.
All my production postgresql.conf files have a chmod 640 vs 644 on my new VM.

After digging, I've found that the SaltStack recipe who configure all
my servers force the file chmod to 640...
I've fixed it: everything works now. :)

Great. Thanks for the follow up.

Thank you all for your help!

Adrian Klaver

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