Konrad Witaszczyk wrote
> Hi,
> While PQresultErrorField() from libpq allows to get context in which an
> error

> occurred for immediate constraints, and thus an SQL statement which caused
> the
> constraint violation, I cannot see any way to find out which SQL statement
> caused an error in case of deferred constraints, in particular deferred
> foreign
> key constraints.
> Is there any way to check which SQL statement or at least which row
> violated a
> constraint when it's deferred? If not does anyone know why there is such
> restriction?
> Konrad
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First of all, you need to locate the problem SQL by modifying log

sed -ir "s/#*logging_collector.*/logging_collector= on/"
sed -ir "s/#*log_directory.*/log_directory = 'pg_log'/"
sed -ir "s/#*log_statement.*/log_statement= 'all'/" $PGDATA/postgresql.conf

Execute this SQL and send error message in the log.


Jack Gao

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