On 04/16/2018 07:18 PM, Adrian Klaver wrote:
On 04/16/2018 04:58 PM, Ron wrote:
We're upgrading from v8.4 to 9.6 on a new VM in a different DC.  The dump file will be more than 1TB, and there's not enough disk space on the current system for the dump file.

Thus, how can I send the pg_dump file directly to the new server while the pg_dump command is running?  NFS is one method, but are there others (netcat, rsync)?  Since it's within the same company, encryption is not required.


pg_dump -d test -U postgres -Fc | ssh aklaver@arkansas 'cat > test_cat.out'

That looks promising.  I could then "pg_restore -jX".

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