Thanks a lot for your reply.

I tried to set the host/client encoding, however, when I create new tables 
using Chinese, it reported an encoding error...... also with other queries..... 

May I ask encoding of pgAgent? May it reading from a text file? Or I can use 
notepad++ to convert and then copy??

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Date: Tuesday, Jun 12, 2018 9:59 PM
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Subject: Re: Does pgAgent support chinese, japanese characters?

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> Hi I'm using pgAgent to set up daily or monthly tasks. 
> I have tables that with the name of Chinese or Japanese. It runs ok in normal 
> sql script, but report non-recognizable in pgAgent SQL jobs.

First guess is that client_encoding is getting set differently in the
pgAgent-initiated sessions than elsewhere, causing incorrect character set
conversions to happen.

> I'm using windows server 2008, pgsql 10, and pgAgent 3.4, may there be a way 
> of supporting different languages??

... unfortunately, I don't know anything about how to adjust that
in Windows.  A brute-force way would be to issue "set client_encoding"
in your scripts, but there may be a better way.

                        regards, tom lane

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